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Frequent Questions


What is Electrolysis?

Electrolysis, not to be confused with galvanic corrosion, occurs when a stray electrical current finds its way into your cooling system. For example, an exposed wire touching your radiator or a missing ground connection on an electrical source. This causes a chemical reaction that results in severe corrosion damage to any metal components your coolant comes in contact with. Electrolysis will create this damage very quickly. Some symptoms include numerous pinhole leaks showing up, discoloration, and flaking or pitting. Radiator failure due to electrolysis voids any warranty.


What makes our radiators better than a standard radiator?

We use higher quality materials, thicker tube and plate material, and we TIG weld our units together. You may not be able to see it in photographs, but the difference is easily felt in the weight difference between our radiators and comparable products. Better materials means that our products handle pressure better and will cool better. We also ensure all of our radiators are 100% leak free prior to shipping. In addition to this, our units are built as an exact fit, OEM replacement and do not require any sort of modification or installation kits.